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Mind’s Eye, by Hakan Nesser

Mind’s Eye is actually the first of the books Hakan Nesser wrote in the Inspector Van Veeteren series. Finally it is available in English. Thus, for readers loving this series from one of Europe’s best-selling crime writers, it becomes possible to go back to the start of it.

Mind's Eye, by Hakan Nesser
Murder cases were never as open-and-shut as the one in Mind’s Eye: Janek Mitter wakes one morning with a brutal hangover. He can’t remember anything from last night – for a moment he can’t even remember his own name.Then he discovers, behind the locked door to the bathroom, his wife of three months – Eva Ringmar – lying face down in the bathtub, dead.

Chief inspector Van Veeteren has his doubts about the case and searches for more evidence. However, with only the flimsiest excuse as his defense, Mitter is found guilty of a drunken crime of passion and imprisoned in a mental institution.

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But Van Veeteren’s suspicions about the identity of the killer are borne out when Mitter a little later also becomes a murder victim. Now the chief inspector launches a full-scale investigation of the two slayings. More and more he feels that finding the solution involves finding out the secrets of the dead – in particular that of Eva Ringmar. As it turns out, finding out more about her is much more difficult than anticipated. A mysterious letter that Mitter wrote shortly before his death plays a prominent part in this.

Mind’s Eye is an excellent crime book by Hakan Nesser. He captured me after only a very few pages, less than ten! And held me there. All the way through the book I was one small step behind van Veeteren it seemed. And all the while my sympathy for him as well as the suspense were building. Watching Chief Inspector Van Veeteren connecting the dots in this delicately woven plot was great. So is Hakan Nesser’s subtle humor, that runs throughout the book. A top read!

The best of Hakan Nesser’s books so far, I think!

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You may order Hakan Nesser books from amazon US. Or, order The Mind’s Eye by Hakan Nesser from amazon UK! See also, by Hakan Nesser, The Return.

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