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Operation Napoleon, by Arnaldur Indridason »

Operation Napoleon is a stand-alone novel – that is, not one of the books in Indridason’s acclaimed series about Reykjavik detective Inspector Erlendur Sveinsson. It was actually the third novel written Arnaldur Indridason, and followed the first two of his Reykjavik Murder Mysteries. Operation Napoleon is a thriller set in Iceland. It begins ominously with […]

Death of Kings (Saxon Tales), by Bernard Cornwell »

Death of Kings is the sixth in Bernard Cornwell’s excellent historical fiction series `The Saxon Tales‘, which tells the fascinating story of Lord Uthred, a mighty Viking warrior who fought on the side of Alfred against the Viking invasion of England. I started reading the series when it was initially launched and have followed it […]

Bleachers, by John Grisham »

John Grisham is known primarily for his legal thrillers. Rightfully so, in my opinion. His legal thrillers are great. One reason why they are great is that John Grisham is an excellent story teller. So, while his non-legal-thrillers may not be quite as good as his legal thrillers, I have found that I like several […]

Resurrection Men, by Ian Rankin »

I love to read excellent crime fiction. And reading Ian Rankin really fits the bill. Almost all of his books are outstanding – cleverly plotted, intriguing mysteries, evocative descriptions, well-drawn characters and last, but by no means least: funny, at times hilarious, and often LOL dialogues. Resurrection Men is among the best books written by […]

Damage, by Josephine Hart »

A while ago my wife told me I had to read a novel she had read a few years ago and for some reason had kept (she usually gives away the books she reads). The novel was Damage, a short novel, only a little more than 200 pages long. She was – as she most […]

The Horizon, by Douglas Reeman »

The Horizon is the third volume of Douglas Reeman’s Blackwood series. It is set in the years 1914-1918. We meet Captain Jonathan Blackwood as he and the Royal Marines attempt to adapt to the new deadly ways of warfare in World War I. Jonathan is a Royal Marine from a long line of Royal Marines. […]

Review: The Delta Solution, Patrick Robinson »

The Somali pirates have amazed me for quite some time: How is it possible for pirates to be successful the way they are in the year 2011? How can they succeed over time – with the sky full of spy satellites, with sophisticated sensors and electronics equipment, and lightning speed communications and precision weapons? Granted, […]

George R.R. Martin: A Dance with Dragons! »

The long awaited fifth volume in George R.R. Martin’s outstanding fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire is now available for at Amazon. It is titled A Dance with Dragons. A Dance with Dragons brings both familiar faces and surprising new forces that vie for a foothold in a fragmented empire. In the aftermath […]

Warbreaker, by Brandon Sanderson »

Warbreaker is a standalone fantasy novel by the talented and acclaimed Brandon Sanderson, who was chosen to write the final volumes for Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time. It follows his very well received Mistborn-series, and is a wonderful read! Warbreaker tells the story of two sisters, two princesses, Vivenna and Siri. They are the […]